SELF Platform Beta launched!

The Beta version of the SELF Platform is already available for testers and early adopters. You can check it right now at

Get Involved!

Contribute to the SELF project. See this list of examples of how you can get involved and/or subscribe to one of the mailing lists.


Add, Edit, Organise, Recombine
These operations are only available for logged in users, so get yourself an account! They form the main authoring environment for Learning Objects: users can create LOs, add new nested objects, edit the content and metadata of each object, organise the order and hierarchy of lessons within a course, save favourite objects to the personal bookshelf and recombine saved objects in another course.
Upload, Import, Export
Through the File Manager any registered user can upload files in open standard formats, or search files of other users and add them to the personal bookshelf.

SCORM files (the standard format for online courses) can, once uploaded, be imported into the system. Courses can be exported as a single HTML page, suitable for printing printing or vieing in a browser, or as a SCORM package that can be imported into a LMS such as Moodle or Sakai.
Get involved!
SELF needs your help! You can contribute by:

  • editing courses
  • make new courses
  • import existing ones
  • define prerequisites and course objectives
  • add tests to courses
  • make links, references and glossaries
  • write FAQs on the topic
  • network lessons between different courses

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Collections & Courses
A collection is a set of courses grouped around a certain topic. Browse the collections tree to find the existing courses.

Courses are structured learning materials, like documentation, manuals, textbooks, tutorials. They are usually made up of smaller building blocks, what we call Learning Objects, or activities, or lessons. A course may also contain other resources, like glossaries, references, links, tests, frequently asked questions and a discussion page. See the SELF guide